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    German Exchange 2015/2016

    German Exchange 2015/2016
    The first half of the German exchange went really well! On the Friday night we all gathered in the bus park at 11pm in the freezing cold waiting for them to arrive. We were so tired and cold but no-one cared because the excitement in the atmosphere was so thick and everyone just wanted to meet their partners. When they arrived a short time before midnight a crowd of kids and parents gathered around the coach and we waited for our names to be called. When I finally met my partner we were so excited.
    The next day we went to the school in the morning then my partner and I went shopping for the day in Leeds. Luisa (my partner) found Leeds really nice and loved all the shops. We went for a meal out and she told me that she loved England so much and was so happy to be here. That night we went home and watched a film, we both got along really well.
    On Sunday we went for a roast dinner. Luisa was eager to try this. I found it funny that she’d never heard of a Yorkshire pudding before. When our meals came she ate everything and loved the Yorkshire pudding! As it was a nice day, which is odd for rainy England, we took advantage of this and went round the ruins and took lots of pictures. Luisa found this very interesting and it made me grateful for what we have on our doorstep.
    Unfortunately Monday rolled around and school came. Luisa said that the schools in England were nicer (including the toilets)!
    On Tuesday we went to Whitby. All of the exchange partners loved it. Many of them loved the fish and chips and we all got along really well. They all bought souvenirs and sweets. When we went to the Dracula experience it was so funny and Zoe’s partner was close to tears. It was hilarious, at the end we were all laughing.
    Wednesday came and we were at school again. Luisa really enjoyed drama and loved all the teachers.
    On Thursday we went to York, this had to be the best day (apart from the fact that the Jorvik centre stank and the smell made our eyes water – yes it was that bad!). We all enjoyed shopping and McDonalds! All of us were laughing all day and it was a really good day. They all loved the old buildings and took many pictures of them. Luisa said York was really pretty and wanted to go back again. That night Luisa and I went to Guides. We were making food that night and Luisa liked meeting more friends of mine.
    By the time it was Friday we had had an amazing time and tried to ignore the fact that they were leaving that day. At lunch we took many pictures and when it came to them leaving we were all so
    sad and had already started the long countdown to February. We said our farewells and they were off. That night it was really weird to not have them at home with us. We said we would keep in touch long after the exchange and now we’re even making plans to see each other in the summer. It was a really good experience and I can’t wait to see how they live in Germany.
    Harriet Flouri – Year 10