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Thirsk School

& Sixth Form College


    In KS3 history we study the following :

    • developing a secure understanding of causation, consequence, empathy, significance and interpretation, throughout the KS3 history course

    Year 7

    • learning about historical figures 
    • investigating the Middle Ages – Norman Conquest, Castles, the Black Death, the Peasants Revolt
    • studying the case of the Princes in the Tower

    Year 8

    • discovering the Tudors
    • learning about the Stuarts and the Civil War
    • the industrial revolution and the suffragettes

    Year 9

    • the case of Jack the Ripper
    • military history, including World War 1 and 2
    • the Civil Rights movement in 1950's

    Assessment :

    • formal assessment at the end of each unit of study
    • assessments can be written, based on presentations, diagrams, and oral responses
    • informal assessment of pupil achievement is also regularly monitored during classroom learning

    Learning beyond the classroom :

    • Reading wide range of texts, including Horrible Histories, and My Story books

    • using our resource centre and local library

    • researching internet websites such as Active History, Spartacus, CBBC

    • watching YouTube clips of documentaries

    • visiting local castles, monasteries, museums

    Teachers of KS3 History :

    Mr C Hansen - Head of Department

    Mrs L Jones

    Mr G Hollis – Assistant Headteacher

    Mr M Oates

    Ms J Littlewood