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Thirsk School

& Sixth Form College


    In KS3 Music we study the following :

    • understanding basic notation
    • composing and performing music
    • listening skills
    • singing
    • working as an Ensemble
    • discovering music from around the world (Indian music, blues, samba drumming)
    • discovering music for different occasions (fanfares, TV and film music, protest songs)
    • studying music from different genres (western classical, pop, folk etc)
    • appraising music using specialist vocabulary

    Assessment :

    • teacher feedback is on-going in lessons and written feedback in books
    • peer-assessment by listening to performances, or reading appraisals
    • self-assessment, making judgements about our own progress and showing an understanding of the grading criteria, we also use these criteria to set ourselves challenging targets

    Learning beyond the classroom :

    • completing homework which is set to encourage extended learning and to put classwork into context
    • joining extra-curricular ensembles such as the choir and bands
    • listening to a wide variety of music, a fantastic way to learn about different eras and cultures
    • using the school Learning Resource Centre and the local library

    Teacher of KS3 music :

    Mrs L Dickson - Head of Music

    Mr O Pierce-Williams -  Head of Year 11