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Thirsk School

& Sixth Form College


    In KS3 Technology we study the following :

    • participating in a range of specific learning tasks and self directed design and make activities
    • covering a wide range of skills centring on three specific areas of the curriculum resistant materials, graphic techniques and electronics

    Year 7

    • push pull along toy
    • torch
    • earrings

    Year 8

    • light sensor
    • copper ware
    • banana tree
    • soma cube

    Year 9

    • steady hand game
    • pencil pack
    • mobile phone/ music player stand
    • bracelet

    Year 7 - 9

    • becoming active, independent learners and developing a secure understanding of the materials, properties and techniques necessary for the design and production of quality artefacts

    Assessment :

    Student work is assessed in line with the criteria outlined in the national curriculum and levelled accordingly. All project work will be assessed under the following headings

    • planning and research
    • ideas and presentation
    • practical making
    • testing and evaluation

    These form the basis for all project based learning assessment together with an overarching attention to:

    • accuracy and precision
    • quality finish
    • essentially the project work is judged on “Could an outsider look and your work and understand how and why you have arrived at the conclusions you have drawn both in the design aspects and the making of the artefact"

    Learning beyond the classroom :

    • taking an interest in the manufactured world
    • thinking about what they see in the world about them, how has it been made why has it been make and what are the environmental implications of its production
    • being aware of technological advancement
    • being aware of historic technological advancement

    Teachers of KS3 technology :

    Mrs W Miller - Head of Department