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Thirsk School

& Sixth Form College


    In KS3 personal, social, health and citizenship education we study the following :

    • reflecting on and evaluating achievements and strengths in all areas of our lives and recognising our own worth
    • learning the basic facts and laws about alcohol, tobacco and legal and illegal drugs
    • recognising some strong emotions and identifying ways of managing these emotions positively
    • staying physically and mentally healthy
    • making informed choices to maintain health and well-being
    • assessing the element of risk attached to making choices about healthy lifestyles, travel, personal safety and personal finances
    • demonstrating effective ways of resisting negative pressure
    • recognising difference and diversity  and demonstrate understanding and empathy towards others who live their lives in different ways
    • assertively challenging prejudice and discrimination
    • recognising and discussing the importance of relationships to sexual activity and to marriage, parenthood and family life

    Assessment :

    • formal assessment at the end of the ‘decisions’ unit
    • informally via student contributions in lessons
    • self assessment which each student fills in at the end of the decisions unit

    Learning beyond the classroom :

    • practicing assertive responses to threatening situations
    • reflecting on discussions which have taken place in lessons
    • making informed choices when faced with situations which involve an element of risk

    Teachers of KS3 PSHCE : 

    Mrs T Fletcher - Head of Health and Social Care and PSHCE