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Thirsk School

& Sixth Form College


    In KS3 Geography we study the following :

    • researching and developing skills to meet the whole school philosophy of educating citizens of the world
    • investigating a wide range of issues and topics from Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis, to the way we prepare and predict such events
    • incorporating the study of our link school in Sri Lanka and other countries where our school has established links such as Spain and New Zealand
    • developing an understanding of our role within the Global Community, this is is a central feature of our Curriculum 
    • looking at the way global business operates and how such organisations as Fair Trade and Local Co-operatives help small businesses to grow
    • understanding and leading a local Network of schools as one of only two Expert Centres in North Yorkshire, for the Global Learning Programme, and creating lifelong, independent learners through this
    • studying weather hazards such as flooding and storms, looking at how we respond and manage our environment
    • taking opportunities for independent learning, as well as group work, role plays, mysteries and enquiries
    • investigating what it must be like to flee your home and arrive in a new country

    Assessment :

    • assessment through extended written tasks, using group and individual research
    • presenting a written account, bringing in independent learning and a range of communication skills, as well as developing a sense of empathy
    • formative, knowledge based tests/exams
    • giving presentations, both group and individual and  in a variety of formats – such as animations, presentations, models, posters, role plays
    • throughout KS3, a variety of peer and teacher assessment is continuous, with self-review and target setting a clear part of the assessment process

    Learning beyond the classroom :

    • taking opportunities for field work across the key stages, from local ecosystem studies to visits to places such as The Deep, or Ingleborough Caves
    • participating in enterprise and charity projects, such as the Water Aid Big Change appeal or Boots 4 Africa campaign
    • taking part in the Year 9 class challenge, to aid learning and personal development of essential skills for GCSE
    • learning independently is encouraged through watching News programmes such as Newsround, and interactive websites such as NASA Droplet adventure
    • reading around the topics online, with books or magazines
    • taking an active role within the local community/area

    Teaching KS3 Geography :

    Mrs J Blogg – Head of Geography

    Miss K Leopold – Head of Year 12

    Mrs K Mancini