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Thirsk School

& Sixth Form College


    In KS4 history we study the following :

    • exploring the topic of medicine through time, including researching disease and infection, surgery and anatomy and public health from Pre-History to the Twentieth Century

    • investigating Pickering Castle, its origins and development over time

    • completing a Year 11 topic on the American West – Cowboys and Indians!

    • investigating how the west was won and lost

    Assessment :

    • two examinations at the end of Year 11 (Medicine Through Time and American West (these exams are worth 75% of their total GCSE grade)
    • students will also complete a two question controlled assessment on Pickering Castle in class time at the end of Year 10
    • internal assessment at the end of each topic within the examination units, this is designed to show progress and inform intervention in future learning

    Learning beyond the classroom :

    • pupils are regularly directed towards relevant website, YouTube clips, and documentaries that can help develop their contextual awareness or compliment their revision
    • encouraging pupils to visit the local library and read around the topic being studied
    • visiting sites of interest to the course e.g Thackray Museum in Leeds, Castles etc

    Teachers of KS4 History :

    Mr C Hansen - Head of Department

    Mrs L Jones

    Mr G Hollis - Assistant Headteacher

    Mr M Oates