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Thirsk School

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    In KS4 Health and Social Care we study the following :

    • completing the Cambridge National qualification offers a hands on approach to the study of health , social and early years care. It links in well with the requirements of the Cambridge Technical course in the Sixth Form
    • studying can be as a Single, the Certificate or a Double option, the Diploma
    • completing the Certificate comprises of 4 units and the Diploma, 8 units
    • there are two compulsory units covered in year 10, 'essential values in care' and 'developing effective communication'
    • it is a flexible qualification and units are selected to appeal to all students
    • studying life stages, development and milestones are key elements of each unit
    • other units include 'creating activities to support individuals in health, social care and early years' , 'understanding the needs and protection of young children in an early years setting' and 'understanding the nutrients needed for good health'   

    Assessment :

    • all students will sit an external exam at the end of year 10, this is one of the compulsory units, 'essential values in care'
    • remaining units are internally assessed coursework units, which must completed controlled conditions in lesson time, which are then externally moderated towards the end of the academic year
    • single certificate students will cover two units in year 10 and two in year 11
    • double (diploma) students will cover four units in year 10 and four in year 11
    • students will need to refer to elements from other units covered in order to access the highest mark band
    • verbal feedback, peer and self-assessment are the most effective forms of feedback for students during the completion of their controlled coursework due to the Exam board restrictions

    Learning beyond the classroom :

    • completing research outside of the classroom, although all work submitted for external assessment must be completed in lesson time
    • reading around the subject, and reading newspaper and magazine articles and leaflets, using these as citations in our work
    • taking opportunities for work experience in year 10 will offer a useful insight into health, social care and early years services and give students an opportunity to apply their learning beyond the classroom

    Teachers of KS4 health and social care :

    Mrs T Fletcher - Head of Department and PSHCE


    1. Y9 open eve leaflet