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Thirsk School

& Sixth Form College


    In KS4 PSHE we study the following :

    • assessing our personal qualities, skills and achievements and using them to set future goals
    • presenting ourself confidently and using praise and criticism effectively
    • using some of the financial tools and services available to manage personal finances
    • describing the short and long-term consequences of personal health choices, and how to make decisions based on this knowledge, and finding professional health advice and confidence in seeking it
    • identifying some of the causes, symptoms and treatments of mental and emotional health disorders such as stress and depression, including the link between eating disorders and self-image, and can identify strategies for preventing and addressing these
    • assessing the risks and benefits associated with lifestyle choices such as sexual activity or using alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs, and making safer choices based on this assessment
    • comparing the diversity of ethnic and cultural groups
    • taking the initiative in challenging and giving support in connection with offensive behaviour
    • developing appropriate relationships with a range of adults
    • discussing relationships, feelings and emotions, and analysing ways of managing these in connection with family event
    • explaining the importance of different relationships and associated responsibilities, including those of marriage, parenthood and family life

    Assessment :

    • formal assessment at the end of the DATE
    • informal assessment by their SRS teacher and Form Tutor in Tutorial lessons
    • self-evaluation, a form is completed by all students at the end of the PSHE unit

    Learning beyond the classroom :

    • practicing assertive responses to threatening situations
    • reflecting on discussions which have taken place in lessons
    • making informed choices when faced with situations which involve an element of risk
    • involving themselves in appropriate extra-curricular activities both in and out of school

    Teachers of KS4 PSHE :

    Mrs T Fletcher - Head of Health and Social Care and PSHCE