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Thirsk School

& Sixth Form College


    We study the following topics in GCSE Business Studies :

    • how businesses organise their workforce, manage production, sell products and record finance
    • how business decisions can affect you, as a customer, an employee and as a citizen
    • how to set up a small business and how decisions in marketing, finance, people and operations can affect how a large firm is run
    • how external environment issues affect business behaviour
    • how the law and government decisions affect business
    • data, including manipulating data and interpreting results; presenting arguments; making judgements and justified recommendations on the basis of available evidence
    • problem solving and decision making using appropriate business tools and methods

    Assessment :

    • unit 1 setting up a business - written paper  (1 hour) 60 marks/ 40%
    • unit 2 growing as a business - written paper (1 hour) 60 marks/35%
    • unit 3 investigating businesses - controlled assessment 40 marks/25%
    • your final grade will depend on the results of the two exams and the controlled assessment
    • on-going internal assessment as well as peer-/ self-assessment opportunities throughout the two year course

    Learning beyond the classroom : 

    • AQA GCSE Business Studies book by Philip Allan updates has lots of quick questions to test your knowledge and understanding, and exam style questions to practice your exam technique
    • Tutor2u website/ Business blog to catch up on the latest advice regarding your GCSE in Business Studies
    • watch business news programmes to inform yourself of real business decisions
    • watch Dragons Den, The Apprentice, The Money programme and other business related programmes to inform you of how business works
    • extra-curricular opportunities to prepare a marketing plan or invest in shares

    Teachers of KS4 Business Studies :

    Miss M Spragg - Head of Business Studies

    Mr M Dickson - Teacher of Business Studies and Deputy Head

    Mr C Mark - Teacher of Business Studies and Head of Careers