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Thirsk School

& Sixth Form College


    In KS4 Geography we study the following :

    • using the AQA A Geography GCSE course, focusing on current key issues including flooding, population control and urban regeneration
    • developing an understanding of the world and stimulating our interest in a variety of different places
    • exploring our place in the world, our values and responsibilities, to both people and the environment, enabling us to become global citizens
    • researching topics in Unit 1 , Physical Geography, included in this are the restless Earth, water on the land and managing coastal environment
    • studying Unit 2, Human Geography, which includes population change, changing urban environments and tourism
    • undertaking fieldwork for Unit 3 this includes investigating a question at a local scale (titles are set annually by AQA, and so location for fieldwork may vary)
    • studying the key issues affecting the world around us, at the full range of scales from the local area to the global dimension
    • incorporating what is happening in the news today into our work making this an interesting, exciting course

    Assessment :

    • two tiers of assessment, for the terminal exam, 
      Higher paper - students can achieve between grades A*-D
      Foundation paper - students can achieve between grades C-G

    • there are two papers for each tier, both are worth 37.5%

    • paper 1 covers the Physical Units

    • paper 2 covers the Human Units

    • one piece of Controlled Assessment worth 25% of the overall mark

    Learning beyond the classroom :

    • understanding the world in which we live and how people use and abuse their environment
    •  investigating natural and human environment both locally and beyond is essential learning
    • reading and listening to current affairs, reading around all topics
    • questioning and exploring ideas and understanding alternative opinions
    • using computer software programmes to present data and include geographical and map skills
    • taking an interest in the challenges that face this planet and being involved in helping create a world which has a healthy future

    Teachers of KS4 Geography :

    Mrs J Blogg – Head of Geography

    Miss K Leopold – Head of Year 12