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Thirsk School

& Sixth Form College


    In KS4 RS we study the following topics:

    • exploring the ultimate questions

    • philosophy and ethics, exploring and discussing the ultimate philosophical and ethical questions at the heart of the course

    • why is there evil in the world

    • violence and can it ever be justified

    • is there any evidence that God is reald

    • the possibility of life after death

    • are religion and science inherently incompatible

    • should all people be treated equally

    • do we have a duty to help the poor

    • deciding  if abortion, euthanasia or genetic engineering are ever right, looking at arguments for and against

    Assessment :

    • assessment by OCR through 4 one hour exams at the end of year 11
    • no assessed coursework, but students are formally assessed through 3-4 end of unit tests throughout the year
    • all assessments have the same structure – they are 30 minutes long, and contain 5 questions (A-E), testing both knowledge and evaluative skills
    • students regularly self and peer assess their work

    Learning beyond the classroom :

    • discussing the topics outside of school, whether it is the ethics of genetic engineering, the meaning of life, or whether capital punishment is ever justified
    • reading around the topic areas, which may include fiction, non-fiction, or current events
    • revising - students in year 11 have booklets that the department have produced, these review all the content needed for the exam and give guidance on exam technique
    • using the revision resource on the school network that students can make a copy of and use at home,  this contains everything students may need for revision, including a revision timetable, past questions, and guidance on each exam question

    Teachers of KS4 RS :

    Mr A MacMillan - Head of SRS Department

    Miss L Hurt

    Miss Z Garnett




    1. Quizlet guidance