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Thirsk School

& Sixth Form College

    Values and Ethos


    Thirsk School & Sixth Form College is an inclusive school committed to equal and high quality opportunities for all members of our school and wider community, within a culture of continuous improvement.

    Our Principles from our Strategic Plan

    • The power of education to shape the lives of individuals
    • The value of hard work
    • Equality of opportunity
    • Accountability to parents, carers and the community
    • Moral purpose, integrity and compassion

    We aim to meet the needs of:

    Our students            

    • By helping to ensure that they are safe and healthy
    • By ensuring that they are happy, enjoy school and achieve to their potential throughout their school life, recognising and celebrating their successes
    • By giving them as many opportunities and the encouragement to make a positive contribution through participation in and beyond the curriculum
    • By ensuring that they are independent and reflective learners prepared for the world of work and society, and able to contribute economically and socially
    • By giving them the self-confidence and skills to manage important transitions in their lives
    • By helping them to recognise their own importance and responsibility in their local, national and global community
    • By helping them to develop and appreciate team-work


    Our parents              

    • By providing the highest quality of care and education for their children such that we meet their children’s needs
    • By working with them to monitor and secure their children’s progress, well-being and responsible behaviour
    • By communicating clearly to help develop the partnership which is essential to support their children’s success


    Our staff

    • By helping to ensure that they are safe and healthy at work
    • By helping them to enjoy and achieve in their work through providing professional development opportunities and recognition of success
    • By supporting them to reach and maintain high professional standards in their work
    • By helping them to secure a work-life balance
    • By encouraging them to contribute and participate in decision-making and the development of the school




    Our Governors

    • By meeting our needs as representatives of our community by developing good positive relationships and being open to scrutiny through robust, open and supportive dialogue


    Our community

    • By promoting respect and equality of opportunity and by celebrating diversity within our school, local, national and global communities
    • By promoting and celebrating the school as a successful centre of learning for the community as a whole
    • By communicating effectively with our local community such that the community values and engages with its school
    • By working with the community and employers to prepare our students to contribute to their community socially and economically
    • By ensuring that the school is efficiently managed and provides value for money
    • By promoting student behaviour conducive to generating mutual respect within the  community