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    Work Experience

    Guide to Work Experience

    Students will have the opportunity to spend one week on a work placement in the Summer term of Year 10. All students are expected to have this experience and, as a rule, it is very much enjoyed. This academic year the dates allocated for work experience are 9th – 13th July 2018.

    This guide has been devised to help students to find a work placement.

    Students will bring home a student guide accompanied by a blue form.  The blue form needs to be completed and returned to school by Friday 24th November 2017

    Finding a work experience placement is very similar to the process students will use to find jobs when they leave school/college, it is therefore a valuable opportunity to experience the process and develop their job seeking skills. Competition for placements will be strong students will need to be proactive in completing each of the stages promptly.


    1. Completing the Blue Form
    2. Completing the Green Form
    3. Preparing for Work Experience
    4. Useful Contacts
    5. Work Experience Paperwork 



     Work Experience Timeline 2017/2018

    Step 1 September
    ·        Assembly to introduce Work Experience
    ·        Blue forms issued to students
    ·        Blue forms completed at home
    ·        Employer Confirmation Forms issued
    24th November
    ·        Blue forms must be returned to school *
    Step 2

    From November


    15th December

    ·        Consent forms (Green) issued as soon placements are confirmed
          Deadline for Employer Confirmation Forms for Out of County requests
    19th January
    ·        All Employer Confirmation Forms must be returned to school
    ·        After this date school will allocate placements to students who have been unable to secure their own placement
    29th March
    ·        All Consent forms (Green) must be returned to school *
    Step 3 June
    ·        Preparing for Work Experience
    Step 4 9th to 13th July
    ·        Work Experience


     *  Failure to return forms by the dates listed above may result in students being unable to attend the placement of their choice or participate in the work experience programme. 

    Please keep to the deadlines listed above.

    If you have any problems with any of the above, please contact Mr C Mark or Mrs E Atkinson at school as soon as possible.

     Step 1 - Completing the Blue Form

    Please spend time completing the blue form.

    Please complete the blue form fully – even though students are hoping to arrange their own placement, occasionally placements fall through and this can be at the last minute.  Therefore, completing the form fully helps us to find an alternative placement if we have the information to hand.  This includes the section regarding travel arrangements.  Please note school are unable to pay any travel costs for work experience.

    Choosing your placement section

    This section should be completed whilst referring to the NYBEP Work Experience website.  Using this website, students can identify any placements they are interested in.  We would encourage students to identify and apply to up to 5 favourites as soon as possible.  The more popular placements are snapped up very quickly so the sooner the better. 

    Students can research the suitable jobs by using the websites below to gain information about what different jobs involve and the skills and qualities they will use.

    KUDOS - Job matching questionnaire and job details.

    U-Explore - Job details including video interviews with employees.

    Students will have their own login username and password.

    If you find a new placement that is not currently listed on the website please write the details on the second page of the blue form.
    To log on to the NYBEP website please use the following address:

    You will see the following screen:

    To login you will need to use the following:
    Username:  Thirsk2018
    Password: Thirsk2018

    You will be taken to following screen:

    Students can now search for placements.

    If you know the name of the employer you are interested in, spell the first four or five letters of the employer’s name, go straight to the postcode and add the first part eg. YO, BD, HG, WF etc. If you do not know where you want to go yet leave the employer’s details blank and go to category.

    Select a category; now complete the first part of your home postcode eg. YO7, and choose how far you can travel in the mileage drop down box. Do not tick any of the boxes below – this will reduce the number of results that you get. At the very bottom select your work experience dates.

    You can also search using the address (you can just type the town i.e. Thirsk) rather than the post code.

    You should now see a list of employers in your area. You can hover the mouse over the blue job title to read more about the role.

    If you are interested, click on the blue job title to read more about the job, the working hours, the location, contact details etc.

    Make a note of any placements you are interested in.  Please do not add them to the wish list as all students in Year 10 are using the same login.

    You cannot apply to the employer using the system.  Students should apply in writing to the employer for their work experience placement, remembering to inform the employer of the dates for work experience.  Please note just because an employer is listed on the database it does not guarantee they will be able to offer a placement.

    We would recommend that students choose up to five placements and that they keep a record of the employers they have written to for future reference.  They will also need to write the employers on the blue form so that school are aware of which placements they are interested in.  Remember the more popular placements will be fully subscribed very quickly.

    Please ensure students write to the employer straight away – the system does not do it for them.

    When the student has received a firm offer of a placement from an employer he / she will need to ask the employer to complete the Work Experience Employer Confirmation Form.
    Employer Confirmation Form
    The Employer Confirmation Form must be completed by the employer when they have agreed to take a student for work experience.  School will then issue the green form and generate the health and safety checks required for the placement.  The deadline for returning the Employer Confirmation Form is Friday 19th January 2018.  After this date any students who have been unable to secure their own placement will be allocated a placement by school.  (Students wishing to complete work experience out of North Yorkshire must return their Employer Confirmation Form by Friday 15th December 2017.)


    The blue form must be handed into school by
    Friday 24th November 2017.


    I have found a placement outside of North Yorkshire - can I go?

    We have had students go to a whole host of placements out of County and are happy to continue to do so.  However, the health and safety checks required will have to be completed by companies which we have no control over.  They can charge up to £70 for these checks.  School cannot afford to pay this additional charge; therefore the cost will be passed onto the parent / carers.  Requests for out of County placements must be made by 15th December 2017 and will only take place if the Health & Safety body for that area are able to supply the paperwork required.

    I have changed my mind about what I want to do – will you change my placement?

    School will not usually change a placement once it has been arranged.  This is because a large amount of time is spent arranging the placement, health & safety checks and other paperwork.  If there are genuine reasons to request a change please put the request in writing.  An admin charge of £20 (or £32 if a health and safety visit has already taken place) will be generated on ParentPay.  Placements will not be changed without payment being made.


    Step 2 – Completing the Consent Form (Green)

    When school receives the Work Experience Employer Confirmation Form a Green Form will be generated.  The Green Form is the Work Experience Agreement Form and is a legal requirement; school cannot allow a placement to go ahead without this form being fully completed.

    School will have completed student information and the employer contact details sections of the form.  Parents / carers are asked to complete the Health Section.

    Students must then take the form to their placement provider and ask them to check and make any necessary amendments to the form.  They must provide their Employer Liability Insurance details and then sign the form.

    Students then sign the student agreement on the first page and parents sign the second page of the form.

    When all this has been completed students should hand in the green form to their Form Tutor, Mr Mark or Mrs E Atkinson.

    School will check the insurance cover and the Health & Safety Inspections are all up to date for the duration of the placement.

    The Green Form must be handed into school by
    Thursday 29th March 2018.


    Step 3 – Preparing for Work Experience

    In the run up to work experience the students will receive a Health & Safety Briefing and other advice to prepare them for the placement.

    Many students are apprehensive about their first day on work experience.  Please reassure them that they will be fine and will have a good experience.  Most employers have taken students before and are prepared for them.  Any initial shyness soon disappears.


    What should I wear?

    This will depend on the type of work they will be doing.  If they will be based in an office smart clothes are appropriate.  If in a children’s nursery they have to bear in mind they may come home with paint, glue and sand on their clothing.  If in doubt they should contact the employer to check. Some employers may require them to provide some items of personal protective clothing (PPE), in the past this has most commonly been steel toe capped safety boots. The employer will let the student know what is required.

    What time do I start / finish?

    The employer writes the start and finish times on the Green Form.  A copy of the green form will be sent home for your reference the week before work experience begins.

    My child is ill and cannot attend work experience.

    Work experience is just like attending a job.  If the student is too ill to attend please telephone the employer and let them know.  You also need to let school know in the usual way.

    My child is not happy at their placement – what should I do?

    Occasionally students do find it hard to settle at first.  The first person to contact should be the employer, often it is little things that either party are unaware of and a simple phone call can make all the difference.  If this does not help please contact Mr Mark or Mrs E Atkinson at school and they will try to help.

    Please note:
    School is not responsible for the Health & Safety Inspections. These are carried out by an independent company on our behalf. They have very strict deadlines that must be adhered to, otherwise financial penalties apply. Therefore it is imperative that all students comply with the deadlines we have set. Failure to do so may result in your child having to take a placement that is not one of their initial choices. 

    Useful Contacts

    Should you have any queries you can speak to:
    Form Tutors
    Mr C Mark – Head of Careers
    Mrs E Atkinson – Work Experience Administrator
    Telephone: 01845 522024

       Work Experience Paperwork

    Please find the blue form and the employer confirmation forms below, thank you.


    1. Blue Form 201718
    2. Letter to Parents Sept 17
    3. Employer Confirmation Form Y10