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For Sixth Form admissions click here - Applying to our sixth form (thirskschool.org


Admission arrangements are managed by the Local Authority (NYC). Please apply via the link below.


For In Year admissions please go to the In Year Admissions page via this link.

Determination of school admission arrangements for the 2025-26 school year


Transfer from primary school to secondary school is a time when students often feel both a sense of excitement and of apprehension. Students look forward to a new environment and the challenge of different subjects. They generally approach the secondary school with a determination to work hard and be successful.

Early in the school year, the Head of Year 7 contacts every primary school in order to get to know every student and to see the children at work. Thirsk School & Sixth Form College works hard to ensure that early in their final year at primary school, any anxieties or fears are quickly removed so that students feel secure and confident about their transfer to the secondary school. We also offer Enrichment Days for year 5 students to give the children an earlier opportunity to spend time in the school.

Liaison continues throughout the year and special attention is paid to the early identification of students with Special Educational Needs. In the summer term, students from primary schools spend a whole week at Thirsk School & Sixth Form College and a careful Induction Programme includes a tour of the school, meeting the form tutor and experiencing a wide range of lessons.

Parents or Carers of primary school students are very welcome to visit the school at a pre-arranged time. Please contact the school if you would like to visit the school.

During the Induction Week there is an Induction Evening for parents to ensure they are fully informed and fully prepared to support their child’s transfer into secondary school.


The school welcomes students with physical disabilities who have access to mainstream curriculum and school facilities. All curriculum areas can be taught on the ground floor enabling wheelchair access. A lift has been installed making the Library on the first floor accessible to all. A toilet for those with disabilities is available. We would ask parents to inform us of any special considerations needed for their child.


It would be appreciated if parents/carers could inform the appropriate head of School/College that their child will be leaving the school and where they will be moving to. It would be helpful if this could be done by letter. The student will then be issued with the relevant documentation to assist the transfer.

We would also be grateful if parents/carers could ensure that all school property (including locker keys) is returned before their child leaves.

We will do all we can to support a child through their transition to their new school.