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The History Department at Thirsk School & Sixth Form has four key principles in its teaching; imbuing the joy of studying history within our pupils, expanding student knowledge of the communities, regions and country they live in, deepening analytical skills and tackling controversial and morally challenging questions and dilemmas. Key Stage 3 students will study nearly 1000 years of history from 1066 to the end of the Cold War, with the ambition of equipping students with a deep level of knowledge to help better understand the world around us today.

Without a good understanding of history, humanity cannot learn from its mistakes. To fully comprehend the complexities in our world it is essential that we teach the children of Thirsk of the successes and failures of those before them. The department prides itself in variety in both topic and activity in the classroom, exploring society, economy, politics, conquest and control. Key content includes studies of Medieval Kings, society in the 1800’s, Conflict in the 20th century and GCSE topics such as the American West and a study of Medicine through Time. Within these we seek to focus our skill development on analysing significance, causation, source skills and historical interpretations, developing extended-writing skills, questioning and a holistic understanding of the significant role that history has played in shaping the world around us today. The most essential attribute we wish all Thirsk students to leave us with is the ability to challenge unsupported statements and not just accept what they hear or see online, from peers, or even in the classroom, as fact.

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