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health and social care

Health and Social Care is a vocational course that provides an excellent introduction to a wide range of highly regarded careers in education, healthcare, social care and child care. We really value the exciting opportunities that this course can help lead students on to in our local community and further afield.

At Thirsk in Key stage 4 we deliver the Cambridge National Level 2 course, and at Key Stage 5 we deliver the Cambridge Technical Level 3 Extended Certificate course (for students who wish to sit the equivalent of one A level in this subject) and the Diploma course (for students who wish to sit the equivalent of two A levels in this subject). The courses at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 are a combination of examined and coursework units so students develop academic and practical skills that further education establishments and employers highly regard due to the transferable skills such as analysis, meeting deadlines and verbal presentation of work.

Both Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 courses enable students to develop their academic independence and research skills, whilst embracing opportunities to apply skills to students’ own life experiences and work experience. By covering a broad variety of topics, we aim for students to be inspired and motivated to embark on further study in the subject or a career in the Health and Social Care or Early Years sector and equip them with skills so that they can make direct and significant positive differences to peoples’ lives.

Health and Social Care in KS4
Health and Social Care in Sixth Form
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