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The Technology department at Thirsk School aims to bring creativity to life. The technology department is devoted to creating and delivering a curriculum, which provides students with the widest range of opportunities possible. Within the department we cover a broad range of knowledge and skills within our three specialisms; food, textiles and technology.

Within technology we aim to give students the confidence and knowledge to communicate their ideas and bring them to life. We want to encourage students to become independent, creative and innovative problem solvers and thinkers who produce high quality solutions and learn how to convert their ideas into working products and prototypes. Within the department we encourage students to embrace new technologies whilst also maintaining the more traditional values and skills across a range of materials.  We endeavour for students to gain an understanding of aesthetic, social and environmental issues, as well as functions and industry and always with the ethos of ‘design for good.’

Students take ownership of their creativity within textiles. Students experience and explore a wide range of surface decoration techniques and make informed and independent choices to link these to their designs. Through the use of sewing machines students bring their ideas to life gaining pattern drafting and construction skills that increase in difficulty across the years. Our Key Stage 3 curriculum therefore builds knowledge of techniques a range of key skills which give students more choice and independence as they progress. Textiles enables students to develop a broad range of employable life skills including problem solving, patience, and confidence. Due to its practical nature, our curriculum encourages students to be inquisitive, resilient and self-critical which are integral to creativity.

Food is a vital part of our daily lives and is essential for life. We aim to equip students with the knowledge and ability to be able to feed themselves and others nutritious and affordable meals now, and in adult life. To instil a love of cooking we prepare and cook a variety of food products that gain skills, confidence, independence and encourage students to adapt dishes to make them their own. Throughout food technology students learn about the social and environmental impact food has alongside the understanding of ingredients provenance and origins. We aim for students to be inquisitive consumers of food products and participate in society making informed decisions regarding food.

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