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At Thirsk School we aim to create the very best Psychology students. We follow the engaging AQA Psychology curriculum that will explore the fascinating human mind and expand students’ awareness of why we behave how we do. Psychology is an intriguing course that allows students to question who we are, ranging from biological influences, such as genetics, through to our experiences in childhood and the influence of our culture and the social world within which we all live. Psychology equips our students with valuable academic skills such as evaluating scientific theory, developing research, statistical analysis and essay writing skills, so it can complement a range of subjects. In our lessons we examine theories and key concepts, discuss application of theories to current affairs and consider how we these concepts can complement our own individual personality and behaviours. The topics themselves often lead to engaging discussions! We also run mini research projects and try to predict the behaviour of our subjects and apply our theory to real life.

You may consider becoming a psychologist if you are interested in working with people and have a scientific mind, looking at the way people think, act, react and interact. A Level Psychology could be the first step towards an exciting career in education, counselling, forensics, sport or occupational psychology as it helps you prepare for university study.

Psychology in Sixth Form
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