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Computing and ICT

Computer science has always been and will continue to be an ever expanding subject area of knowledge. This expansion is threefold. Firstly, there persists an ever growing knowledge base of how computer systems work and their application. Secondly, there is the acquisition of skills and fluency in manipulating, controlling and ultimately developing computing solutions and systems. This usually takes the form of coding. Finally there is the continuing development of technology which is present in all areas of life, health, finance, aviation, space exploration, even shopping and ecommerce. Additionally, there is also the impact of technology on everyday lives and the way we as humans interact and even exist. This opens the opportunity for ethical, moral, philosophy and even religious discussions.

As technology advances it is essential that students understand not only how to use and adapt it but also how it works. It is in this realisation of how to use a computer system to solve a current or future problem that lies the essence of computing. The ability to take a complex problem often perceived as impossible and break it down into smaller micro problems each of which can be solved. In the process of solving these problems the main ingredient is the ability to think.

Therefore, at the core, computer science teaches you to think. It is not simply a subject that requires you to recall facts and figures and where it does, these facts are applied as tools to create or develop solutions.

Learners study computing theory and the mathematical structures and processes that support the application. They also develop their coding skills which can be transferred to different languages and used to program computational solutions. Understanding and progression requires learners to be forensic and precise. This is often a challenge, however when success comes it is full of reward and a sense of personal achievement.

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