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Physial education

Physical Education at Thirsk School aims to provide students with the confidence, skills and knowledge to participate in lifelong Sport or Physical Activity.

In Key Stage 3 we aim to provide opportunities for students to acquire, practice and consolidate the skills required to participate in a wide variety of sports.  As well as gaining new skills associated with a wide variety of sports, students will also cover six of the school’s Vision and Values. Revisiting these areas twice a year through different sports.

Togetherness: Students will explore life skills such as teamwork, Cohesion and Cooperation.  Students will understand what it means to be a good team member and practice vital skills such as cooperation, trust and respect for others.

Happy:  Through an annual ‘Healthy Living’ module students will gain an understanding of the importance of physical and mental health. Learning about different components of fitness, how they can design and monitor a training programme and how being physically healthy can contribute to positive mental health.

Inspirational: Students creativity and Imagination can be highlighted through sports such as Dance and Trampolining.  Students will also analyse there own and others performance, practicing vital communication skills in the process.

Resilience: Orienteering and Athletics will test student’s perseverance and self-motivation.  PE lessons will provide students with the successes for them to gain the confidence that they are capable of much more than they realise when they are determined and push themselves.

Support: Students will discover the leadership qualities they possess.  How they might be a great coach and how empathy for others enhance both these areas.

Knowledge: Students will gain knowledge of the rules of a wide variety of sports meaning that they can take on an officiating role with in sport.  They will also test their tactical acumen, discovering how different strategies can be employed in a variety of sporting scenarios.

During Key Stage 4 and 5 Students have the opportunity to continue these themes through core PE lessons.  A more competitive focus with more game or match activities can be adopted due to the solid skill base provided in key stage 3. Students can also choose to study GCSE and BTEC PE in Key stage 4 with the further option to study A-Level PE in the sixth form.

Throughout a student’s time at Thirsk School there will be numerous opportunities to attend extra curricular activities.  The Sports on offer provide recreational and performance focuses aiming to cater for all abilities and interests.  The school has a proud record of high levels of participation in extra-curricular activities as well as producing area, county and future professional sports men and women.

Physical Education in KS3
Physical Education in KS4
Physical Education in Sixth Form
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