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At Thirsk School we strongly encourage our students to get involved in our varied and exciting extra-curricular programme. Whether they love, sport, drama, music or manga, there is an opportunity for all of our students to get involved. Every lunchtime and after school we have students engaged in so many different things, as you can see from the schedule below. However, it is not just about having fun! Every time any student attends an extra club or practice, they get points for their houses, and if a student goes to 20 sessions in a year, then they will be awarded with a ‘Been More Thirsk’ badge, letter and penguin biscuit for their commitment to our school community.

At the start of the year every student will be given a ‘Be More Thirsk’ Booklet in which they should record their attendance at extra-curricular activities. In this booklet there are also a series of challenges for students to attempt, which will benefit them, their friends, and the rest of the school. The main aim of the extra-curricular programme and challenges is to remind all our students that school is NOT just about lessons. We want our students to have fun, and to learn new things about themselves. We want them to throw themselves into music, sport, drama, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, and all the other amazing opportunities that come from attending out school. Above all, we want our students to live up to our values of togetherness, honesty, inclusivity, respect, support and kindness. There is no better way of learning these values than engaging in our extra opportunities.

Here is the current programme of activities:

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