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What is the Surface Go Scheme?

Thirsk School and Sixth Form College has successfully run a scheme to support iPads or Surface Go devices for several years. We were one of the first schools in the area with a desire to harness the opportunities that mobile technology brings to students’ learning.

In 2014/15 we carried out a significant review of Sixth Form provision in the school and aspart of this we looked at the use of iPads. Staff and students alike were very positive about the benefits the iPads have brought to learning in the Sixth Form. The key was that it allows students to personalise their learning and provides them with access to a device that they can use both at home and atschool. We have recently updated this with a Surface Go Scheme. Those students who sign up to the scheme will be able to use a Surface Go throughout their time with us in the Sixth Form College and can choose either to return the device at the end of the scheme or ownership can be transferred to the student.

The scheme is funded through parental donations. Parents/carers donate regularly over the period of the scheme—most parents choose to donate on a monthly basis. By spreading the cost in this way, the iPad scheme proves to be a very cost-effective way for parents/carers to obtain a new iPad for their children

The full wording of the insurance policy for school iPads can be downloaded below.

Education Technology Policy Wording

Insurance Product Information Document

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